Art Investment Advice

Are you looking for investment advice in the field of Art?
ORTAL5 gives you the best advice on artists with strong potential and trends in the Art market.


Conseils pour investir dans une Œuvre d’Art

Tips for investing in a work of art

Investing in a Work of Art can yield 5 times more than buying shares
(Sources : Challenge / Indice Artprice March 2018 )

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to be very rich to participate in the Art market.
If you have dormant cash, an inheritance, a stock market portfolio, or if you wish to diversify your investments, the purchase of a Work of Art represents a safe and lasting investment.

Depending on your budget, I advise you as best as possible on artists with high potential and market trends, to allow you to reconcile purchase pleasure and financial investment.
Émilie Ortal, ORTAL5

Œuvre d’Art : comment investir ?

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