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Private Art Dealer in Paris

ORTAL5 was created from my passion for art and life.
It is essential to be passionate to devote time and energy to uncover new artworks, to discover new talents and to share the joy in doing this.
The search for the right artwork and the discovery of new talents and trends, demands passion and patience and commitment to finding the right piece. ORTAL5 is able to do this for you.
With my extensive knowledge of the artworld and my network of contacts around the globe, I'm in an ideal situation to find the right piece for your project, to find the piece that meets your needs and expectations.
But passion alone is not enough, when it comes to buying a work of art.
The purchase of an artwork demands sound business sense and a knowledge of the intricacies of the artmarket.
I have more than 10 years experience in the field. I am ideally placed to understand your project and to bring it to realisation.
Émilie Ortal, ORTAL5


Expertise Private Art Dealer

Research, purchase and sale of Works of Art.
I advise and accompany you throughout your project of acquisition or sale of Works of Art.